The improvement of your organization reflected in your ERP System.
SAP used as the strategy definition tool.

Experience in Automotive production and manufacturing.

Experience in Automotive production, manufacturing and construction industry.


SAP Value stream mapping.

The new way to define how SAP works best for your needs.
Defining a better way to use SAP in order to optimize steps and eliminate redundancies.
Expand SAP to its highest potential together with your organization.

SAP Services

From SAP Backup, customization, transactions improvement and training, we cover the most important topics within your SAP ERP System.
All following modules are supported for improvement: SD, MM, PM, PP, PS, FI, CO, QM, WM.

SAP Modules customization

Analysis and review of current SAP processes in order to find better ways to operate with optimized resources.

SAP Upgrade

Stay up to date with the new SAP enhancements. We organize every SAP Upgrade for you.

SAP Hardware administration.

Sandbox copies, backup, maintenance and general system services.

SAP CPM, Commercial Project Management

With the shift in business structures throughout all industries, project related business services represent approximately 25% of business worldwide. This is very important for companies’ ability for smooth and flexible Project management and execution, and that is where InteGreat, through SAP CPM supports you to achieve your maximum potential.

We help you to improve the performance of the target groups for the use of SAP CPM. From project leaders and managers as well as executives in the project organization, all team members need to know what are they capable of, with the use of SAP CPM.

Process definition

We support your teams to define every step in the process to use SAP CPM to its maximum potential.

SAP Customization

Customization of every SAP module to be able to work seemleasly with SAP CPM.

SAP Modules integration

With all ready to go, we help you to make SAP CPM a reality in your organization.

SAP PS Module

Full support for Project related business services, as well as for manufacturing process business.

SAP Project System (PS) is the module within SAP that handles the full cycle of planning and execution of Projects. It integrates between all other modules enabling projects to be executed efficiently, with appropriate timing and within established budget.