“Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.” – Henry Ford

Quality is not an act, it is a habit. Aristoteles.

Management Review

Define the strategy for the entire year. Follow up positive and negative trends, learn about your organization, define actions right on time and enjoy a better way to manage all areas and their performance.

Management Review process is the smart way to link KPI’s to the organization´s target definition.

Quality system

Develop a system to collect data in a way that it can be rapidly analyzed. Once you have identified the gaps, define the appropriate corrective actions.

Your decision making process will be based on facts and data and the improvements will come right after.

Risk Management

Always consider all possible issues that could appear in the process and be prepare for them. Either a SWOT analysis or a complete risk management process, you will have the tools to prevent a big loss in your organization.

Supplier Quality

The supply chain starts with your suppliers and they must assure the quality level you require.

The quality of your product is directly related to the quality of your purchased components or services. Support your supplier base in their improvement process and you will greatly benefit from that.

KPI Definition
Problem Solving
Lessons Learned
Audit strategy

SWOT Analysis

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.
This is the starting point to prepare your strategy for the future.

Either for this year or for the years to come, the correct strategy must be developed understanding not only the internal factors but the external ones too. An organization that is prepared for all future challenges will always have better chances to overcome difficult situations.

Prepare your organization for every possible scenario in the future and keep always a correct balance between execution and planning.


Bonus system

The best way to keep the organization oriented to the correct strategy is to have the targets alligned between all departments.

The organization should be able to learn from the targets achievement process and adjust them according the new challenges.


Data collection

In order to improve a process, first you need to measure it.

This is the most important step in an organization to implement a continuos improvement process. Define a smart way of collecting data in order to elminate redundancies and use your resources in the best possible way.


Audit plan

Once your process is running, you want to identify its weaknesses and eliminate them. The appropriate audit plan will allow your teams to understand where those weaknesses are and what are the necessary steps to solve them.

Either internal or external, an audit plan is the correct way to keep your organization processes healthy.

Quality Management System

Creating a better data collection strategy, we can analyze your quality results in order to define the correct strategy to reduce the main waste root causes in your process.