Project Management

Aplying the appropiate Project Management techniques ,we make sure that your projects reach on time the defined milestones.

With the help of a Risk Analysis, you can start protecting your organization from undesired situations.

We support you implementing state of the art systems to analyze and eliminate risks.


Project Management

The key to successful leadership today is influence not authority and through Project Management one can control every step of the process together with your team.

We support you with the latest Project Management tools (PDCA, PLC, Risk Management, etc) to guarantee that your project runs successfully.

Understanding the main milestones of your projects will prevent you from any delays or losses during the product development process as well as during the production process.

Risk Management

Prevent and eliminate the risks during the development of a new product or service based on the best tools existing. For every project it is essential that you understand the risks and take preventing actions before they occurred.

Together with Risk Management we offer a range of tools to analyze the worst risks and to simulate the effect of possible solutions.

FMEA / Reverse FMEA

Implementation of the FMEA as a living part of your project, not only as a documentation process but rather as a management tool to record solutions and learn from them.

Project Life Cycle

Use the apropriate tools to plan, develop and keep track of every change in the life of your product or service.


Learn how define and implement an improvement process and install that know-how in your organization as a standard way of thinking.

TPOC / Transformation Plan of Care

In order to get the best out of your project plan, we support you with a wide range of tools. From project planning to strategy definition.

The goal is to achieve your project milestones as well as your defined key process indicators (KPI´s).

The best way to reach that is defining a master plan together as a team, considering all different factors and defining a range of actions that can be closely followed up during the project life time.

PPAP Process

The standard way in a automotive manufacturing environment for Approval processes.


We support your organization developing a plan related to the quality of your product or service.

Management Review

Management Review process is the smart way to link KPI’s to the organization’s target definition.

SWOT Analysis

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.
This is the starting point to prepare your strategy for the future.

Either for this year or for the years to come, the correct strategy must be developed understanding not only the internal factors but the external ones too. An organization that is prepared for all future challenges will always have better chances to overcome difficult situations.

Prepare your organization for every possible scenario in the future and keep always a correct balance between execution and planning.