“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”

Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their own performance. Timothy Gallway.

The key of a good organization is the amount of attention that a company gives to its employees personal development. In order to have a great team, the organization must provide an environment of motivation where the team members can express themselves.

Personal development

The first step to create a strong team is to find the individual motivations in order to understand their contribution.

We coach your team members in a way that they can unlock their maximum potential.

Team development

Understanding the interaction between your team members will allow you to create a better environment for them. A strong team is a sign of a healthy organization where teams can carry on projects by themselves.

We coach your teams to work in a more collaborative way, optimizing their knowledge and experience according to the defined tasks.

Organization development

The biggest challenge is to have an entire organization working as a team in a way that the differences in priorities represent a benefit and not a threat.

We analyze the behavior of your organization and develop a strategy to eliminate silos and promote the mutual collaboration.

Leading self

Individual coaching, for employees with specific tasks. Self reflect and motivation are the most important aspects of an employee.

Leading people

Leaders coaching, for employees responsible for teams and medium complex tasks. Team work and collaboration are the most important factors.

Leading leaders

Leaders and managers coaching, for executives leading department managers in complex organizations with high responsibility tasks.

Coaching workshops

We develop workshops and individual training plans according the needs of your organization.

Personal development program

Individual plan
definition and follow up.
Corrective behavior plans and motivation.

Team building workshops

Team workshops to stimulate more collaborative organizations. Behavior improvement and team understanding.

TPOC Events

Strategic workshops.
Targets definition, actions plans,
risk analysis,


We develop the appropiate inspiration program for your organization in order to garantee that continuous improvement becomes a fundament of your organization.