Consulting Services

Lean Manufacturing

Implementing the appropriate lean solutions, we can optimize the use of your resources based on a better process flow.

Always considering your process as the base for every improvement.

We support you to improve your process as well as the experience of your team to become lean coaches for your organization.


Improving the visibility of your Resourcing Planning System, we identify and resolve problematic areas in order to improve your profitability.

We support you with customization of all different modules, new applications implementation, system upgrades, Sandbox copies and general SAP process improvement.

Experience in automotive and constructive industries, we can implement solutions for a manufacturing process as well as for project oriented SAP administration.

Project Management

Aplying the appropiate Project Management techniques ,we make sure that your projects reach on time the defined milestones.

With an online access to progress reports, we make sure that your projects are on track as originally defined.

Flexibility is an important part of the game, therefore changes must be reflected in your project plans and kept up to date so the communication within your organization is always transparent.

Quality Management System

Creating a better data collection strategy, we can analize your quality results in order to define the correct strategy to reduce the main waste root causes in your process.

Improving your process will always create a more robust production flow and therefore your quality costs will be reduced.

VSM (Values Stream Mapping), VSD (Value Stream Design), SFMEA, DFMEA, PFMEA, reverse PFMEA, 5S, Ishikawa diagrams, 8D reports, etc, are some of the tools used to improve your process.


We develop the appropiate inspiration program for your organization in order to garantee that continuous improvement becomes a fundament of your organization.

Your main resource is your people and we support your organization developing those key players to their maximum potential.



Your organization can reach the goals you always dreamed about.

Together we can develop strategies and solutions in order to achieve those goals.

Let your people reach their maximum potential and create an environment of high motivation and close collaboration.

About Us

Great experience in the most important industries in the world.

With experience in the automotive and construction industries, we decided to launch in 2018 InteGreat in order to support companies and organizations in their growing process.

We have put together experts from every continent, with experience in specific areas that creates a very diverse team with lots of knowledge and know-how.

With prescence in NAFTA, Europe and eastern Europe, InteGreat is available there where you need it.

We provide complete solutions considering all different aspects of your process and industry.
Either SAP, VSM, VSD, 8D or problem solving tools, we offer a complete package of knowledge in order to be able to analyze the big picture.

With more than 20 years experience of the team, in different industries, InteGreat is a great option to support your organization to grow to its maximum potential.

Close communication loop between the support team and our customers is as important as the process improvement itself.

Sustainable process improvements to be implemented so your organization can continue its own improvement

Company values



We trust our employees and we trust their judgement. We always put first the technical opinions and then the business decisions, never otherwise.

Because of the internal team trust we are confident to to transfer the same feeling to our customers.



The most important factor in successful organizations, is not only strength and knowledge but rather perseverance.

Being perseverant, any difficult situation can be properly solved.



Integration is strenght. When there is trust, teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things are achieved within the organizations.

Together we are stronger. We support the growth of your organization as if was our own and therefore you can expect full commitment from our team to be there for you.



Innovation is a state of mind and as such, must be felt and lived withing the organization.

In order to achieve that, we coach your organization to develop out of the box solutions to encourage your people to always go further.